rSutra: Developing Intelligent Systems for Complex Business Problems

CIO Vendor Seldom, we find an organization that combines the force of AI, ML and RPA in one unconventional solution. rSutra Analytics & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing startups in India focused on AI, ML and RPA. Quality of services along with the capability to deliver apt solutions has always been rSutra’s differentiating factor. More so, the company has very strong domain knowledge across sectors like financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and telecommunications. The exceptional domain knowledge has enabled rSutra to acquire some very reputed clients in a very short span of time. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation, rSutra has demonstrated its capabilities in demand forecasting, customer service improvement, claims fraud scoring, equipment predictive maintenance for manufacturers, and customer churn prediction. As for the support functions, the portfolio of solutions include HR, accounting, GST reconciliation, and bank account reconciliation.

rSutra’s service portfolio is designed to leverage AI, ML and RPA technologies for achieving business improvement and growth. Their solutions thus focus on process improvement, risk reduction, analysing customer segments and identifying new geographies. rSutra teams have experience in deploying such solutions for Banks, Telcos, NBFCs, Insurers, FinTechs and E-coms players. Such services span a wide spectrum that includes Micro segmentation, Intelligent Sales Assistant, Credit Score Matrix builder, Robotics backed process automation, Customer service bots, Customer loyalty & Sentiment enhancer, and Online business booster.

rSutra team has rich expertise in consulting which has led the company to cost reduction, profit improvement, customer satisfaction enhancement and rapid business expansion.
answer client queries related to how AI & ML can help a particular business. Contrary to classical strategies, where the business requirements leads the new technology implementations, rSutra believes that since the technology is forward looking, a lot of benefits come with the technology leading the business initiatives. Such benefits include For example, for a leading AMC in India, rSutra revolutionized customer service by implementing a NLP powered bot that processes the customer emails and responds to them with exceptional accuracy and turnaround time. With large business data increasingly being captured in the digital form, businesses need assurance of the security of their data. rSutra works within the client’s environment and deploys AI, ML or RPA solutions adhering to the clients’ internal security and risk policies through 3 tier security protocols.

rSutra’s service portfolio is designed to leverage AI, ML and RPA technologies for achieving business improvement and growth

A Future for Standard Innovations
rSutra is working towards developing Standard Industrial Solutions or templates to create awareness and showcase the potentials of AI, ML and RPA. For example, businesses spend significant time processing data from scanned PDF documents like KYC or invoices and there is need to have a solution that automatically converts the semistructured and structured data and feed them into their core systems. rSutra has been working on introducing a breakthrough for tackling this challenge. With such use cases rSutra is inclined to bring forth ground breaking standard solutions in the market in the years to come.