20 Most Promising Machine Learning Startups - 2019

20 Most Promising Machine Learning Startups - 2019

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are powering the next phase of digital transformation of india, hence becoming indispensable for product and service offerings. In 2019, AI meets IoT at the edge computing layer and the models trained in the public cloud will be deployed. Industrial IoT is the top use case for artificial intelligence that can perform outlier detection, root cause analysis and predictive maintenance of the equipment. There would also be a huge requirement for skill development for AI skills, hence we could see a lot of investment in that domain of skill development.

High investments in machine learning algorithms which is the part of artificial intelligence is driving the market. This technology has already transformed the industries, right from automotive to medical. The adoption of machine learning algorithms has been the leading driving force of revenue for many large organizations such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. The increasing popularity of inexpensive parallel algorithms is making this technology even accessible to lean startups.

By the looks of it, we understand your constant search for ML solution providers who can keep your organization in pace with the changing norms. CIOR­eviewIndia presents a list of “20 Most Promising Machine Learning Startups”. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, analysts and CIOR­eviewIndia editorial board, we believe these new ventures can introduce businesses to vast possibilities and new ML powered workflow transformations.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Machine Learning Startups - 2019.

Top Machine Learning Startups

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Xpertnest Core expertise lies in Data Management, Cloud Computing, Process Automation, Consultancy Services, Support & Manpower, Solution Design, Data Analysis & Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT.
Company Name Company Description
ActiveAi Delivers conversational banking services leveraging technologies such as AI, NLP,machine learning, NLU and NLG.
Aindra Systems Designs healthcare solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,Computer Vision, and IoT based Point of Care.
Artifacia Avails AI & ML powered visual marketing platform for ecommerce and retail brands.
Artivatic Assists insurance, finance & healthcare businesses with intelligent systems, solutions and processes using AI, ML & Data.
Bluetick Consultants Helps businesses in Business Process Automation, Data Analytics, AI Consulting and Blockchain Consulting.
Brainasoft Core expertise lies in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, HumanComputer Interaction, and Machine Learning.
Brammaa Expertise in Web products,Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, and Connected Devices & IOT.
CoffeeBeans Consulting A Product Factory that offers domain agnostic hyper-personalized recommendations and an recruitment platform powered by AI.
DataVal Analytics Builds capabilities around Big Data technologies, Machine Learning, Decision Science, and Analytics.
Fireblaze Offers Mobile Development, Android, iOS, Web application, Website Development,Server Side Scripting, and Wordpress solutions.
Fluid AI Renders AI-based interactive experiences and data analytics & predictions for businesses.
InnovatorsBay Builds platforms to monitor moving trucks with sensors transmitting realtime data, a smart shelf to monitor realtime shelf occupancy, product misplacement and initiate reordering process in retail...
Morph.ai Specialities revolve around Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Bot Builder,Conversational Commerce, Facebook Bots, Lead Generation, and Fintech.
MU-Tech Solutions Delivers PaaS products for mobile app & web based platform and multiple media recognition platform.
Niki.ai Offers AI-powered app with a chat and voice interface to simplify online payments.
Nouveau Labs Leverages expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, automation, robotics, embedded systems and mobility.
Predlytics Applies Data Science and Machine learning models with web-based platform to enhance organizations' joining ratio and uplift talent acquisition.
rSutra Analytics & Consulting Demonstrated its ML capabilities in demand forecasting, customer service improvement, claims fraud scoring, equipment predictive maintenance for manufacturers, and customer churn prediction.
SigTuple Combines power of robotics, medical data and artificial intelligence (AI) to build diagnostic solutions.