GTM Catalyst: Building AI Chatbots to Enhance Customer Experiences

CIO Vendor From dramatically improving the demand prediction capabilities to enhancing the customer experience, AI is the biggest capability that the businesses have seen in recent times, says Abhishek Kant, the CEO and Co-Founder of GTM Catalyst. In the past 5-10 years, Indian organizations have made advances in data collection and are now poised to take advantage from it via AI. According to a research conducted by Gartner, smart machines will achieve mainstream adoption by 2021, with 30 percent of large companies using AI. The top uses of AI such as Machine Learning, automation of Business Processes and Chatbots are seeing a fast growth in demand in India.

Building AI Chatbots to Enhance Customer Experiences
Thechatbots in businesses are used to deliver prompt solutions to customer’s queries, thereby getting closer to the customer enhancing their overall experience. The top use case for AI has been customerfacing technologies like conversation chatbots. Acknowledging these needs Gurgaon headquartered GTM Catalyst provides customerfacing AI solutions notably the conversational chatbots under the KatalystAI platform that have been utilized by industries such as medical institutions, consumer electronics, and automobiles sector. A customer service bot deployed by GTM Catalyst with a consumer electronics company has been effectively answering customer support queries and has been able to answer around 30 percent of all queries. This has led to reduction in net customer support tickets, thereby drastically reducing the costs for customer support. In another instance, an internal IT Service bot is now used by over 50 percent of all the employees. “We have proven the reliability of our KatalystAI platform by creating internal chatbots for IT and HR services first and the success of these implementations had given enterprises the confidence to take the next step with us towards customerfacing chatbots,” affirms Abhishek Kant.
AI platform to augment the robust sales forecasting
KatalystAI platform is a System of Intelligence for enterprises. Businesses need a clear idea of their sales forecast to effectively manage the inventory and cash flow in the business. The KatalystAI platform of GTM Catalyst serves to augment the robust sales forecasting processes that exist within an organization by employing the latest Machine Learning algorithms like boosted decision trees and deep learning algorithms. “An area that was deeply appreciated by our customers was the prescriptive recommendations provided by our company to ascertain sensitivity to sales promos and discounts. With the KatalystAI platform, the sales managers can now forecast the likely impact on sales from various promotional activities,” adds Abhishek.

KatalystAI platform is a System of Intelligence for enterprises

GTM Catalyst’s customers have seen problems like under forecasting, eliminating guesswork and subjectivity, sandbagging in sales planning exercise reduced drastically.

GTM Catalyst has experienced professionals who are not only adept at technology but also have a rich experience from the corporate world. They engage in a consultative engagement with their customers to understand the business problems and provide the right sized solution. The company has received a lot of appreciation from its customers for providing production-grade systems that deliver high RoI. The team is working closely with the industry stalwarts to define more offerings that they can immediately adopt to derive business benefits. “GTM Catalyst offers several solutions that cover the ambit of AI solutions under the umbrella of KatalystAI suite. We believe in the right solution for the right problem and are building not just for India but for the world. Our mantra is ‘Solve for India – Solve for World’,” he concludes.