Numel Solutions: Value-add Technology Solutions to Tackle Real-World Challenges

CIO Vendor The global Machine Learning size stood at USD 8.43 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 117.19 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 39.2% during the forecasted period. Improving customer experiences by strengthening sales and marketing with greater insights is one of the primary catalysts driving Machine Learning adoption today.

Further, Machine Learning demand is being attributed to the growing adoption of cloud-based services, structuring unstructured data leads to the increasing demand for structured machine learning solutions. Cloud-based services offering increased scalability and security, which is providing a suitable solution that can be used by businesses of all sizes.

Numel Solutions is a pioneering Information Technology Services company, building platforms for Mobile networks, IoT devices, smart appliances, Conversational Chatbots for websites, Open-source applications, Drones as a solution with DIAB concepts and further Deep learning solutions. Numel Technologies shows the skills set as an expert in the chosen field while making efforts to initiate ease in doing business with the company.

Numel Solutions has a highly efficient and talented design and development team that comes out to be passionate about making products super successful. The team is highly dedicated and works beyond expectations. Numel Solutions is working its way to be a leading example of Professionalism, Passion and Expertise. These potential business service providers together with their skills have led this timeless foundation of Numel Solutions.

Currently, Numel is at a very nascent stage when it comes to AI & ML-based technologies set up, however, its forte lies in working on disruptive technologies which can positively impact everyday life for all sectors of life. The company is involved in advanced mobile tracking applications, Drone program development, IoT device programming, and developing a smart FINTECH platform. In these entire platforms, one of the most important
ingredients on a large-scale deployment for the company is ML-based programming.

Moreover, Numel Solutions provides the leading class services to customers with the utmost satisfaction and oriented for the increase in profit for businesses. Numel is a well-established team of skillful professionals experts in the latest innovative technologies and capable of fulfilling business-specific needs. The company has catered to more than 80 clients over the past years of culmination and the steady clients are about 10 - 12 spread across the globe. The clients are spread across the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, the emirates, and some in the domestic market.

Further, the company has successfully completed more than 150 projects over the past 2 years. Since its inception, the revenue in the current fiscal year already surpassed 50 – 60 lakh INR and is continuously growing. The strength of the company lies in the combined efforts of the team who brace up the platform as per the latest standards and work towards integrating the protocols and designs to be implemented in place. The name ‘Numel Solutions’ is getting recognized especially with the respect to the services offered by the company to the clients.

Numel Solutions provides the leading class services to customers with the utmost satisfaction and oriented for the increase in profit for businesses

Numel is dedicated to building solutions in the diverse areas of Mobile platforms, Fintech-based ERP deliverables, IoT solutions, advanced Chabot, AI/ML-based advanced analytics, and business intelligence as part of the contributions. “We want to continue our journey in the same path that we are in now and grow in terms of stabilization, resources, tech stack and ensure that we have happy clients. To do that, we believe that our vision for the organization should also be made known to every single person in the organization.

That way the organization runs parallel to the road map and works no deviation. The strength of delivering customized, end-to-end solutions are going to be the future of the IoT solution industry, and we are waltzing towards it,” concludes. Kaushik Dhulipala.