Tosall : Helping Organizations Optimize Their Ai And Ml Capabilities

CIO Vendor Burgeoning adoption of Machine Learning across industries attributes to its robust algorithms, frameworks, and techniques that solve complex problems in no-time. Moreover, the ML algorithm has arguably become the backbone of the industry such as media streaming and E-commerce, who are heavily dependent on Machine Learning to solve most of their hiccups. If we consider the current market scenario in India, all the key ingredients required to implement the machine learning systems are in place; from processing power, data availability, to highspeed broadband technology. However, lack of awareness among vendors when it concerns the client’s industry-specific operations has been a major setback for this segment. Hence, a cost-effective and incremental solution to bridge this gap is the utmost need of the hour.

Pioneering in a recommendation system for OTT and E-commerce market, and targeting Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS), Smart surveillance and Industrial Sector automation using Computer Vision, TOSALL has been successfully aiding today’s organizations to optimally reap Machine artificial Intelligence and Machine learning capabilities with flexible pricing business models and better deliverability.

“Our world-class ML-enabled recommendation Engine is a customizable and platform-agnostic algorithm that can be used for almost all sorts of recommended applications. This includes, but not limited to Movie recommendations and E-commerce recommendations. And, it also can learn and adapt over the period,” highlights Sanjeev Kumar, CEOand Managing Director at TOSALL. Developing Machine Learning-based Collaborative/Content filtering algorithms as the core of video recommendation engine, TOSALL helps in easily generating data from users’ past purchase, internet activity and other user demographic data such as his financial status, age, education etc. Thereby, acting as an input to the recommendation engine, based on which decision is made.

Delivering Solution to every Computer Vision Problem
TOSALL has created ML-enabled off-the-Shelf Computer Vision solution for industrial customers known as T-Vision. It’s a fully customizable solution and can be seamlessly deployed into the customer’s premises to solve any problems surrounding computer vision. For instance, it can efficiently monitor and identify any suspicious defect in the product on the assembly line and provide an instant notification or a daily/ weekly report to the concern authorities. T-Vision consists of the camera unit, processing unit and a dashboard unit with the option to add as many as camera units to the single processing unit. T-Vision’s dashboard unit is a browser-based user interface that can be accessed from any computer through a secure login, irrespective of time and space. And to top it off, it can be deployed in LAN and as well as over the internet-based configuration.

A Needed AI/ML Innovation program
Filling the void about inadequate awareness of today’s vendors when it concerns the client’s industry-specific operations, TOSALL has created an AI/ML Innovation program, where they send data scientists who work in close proximity with the clients at their particular sites. With collaborative brainstorming, TOSALL identifies the key areas where ML can be deployed to increase operational efficiency. Moreover, this approach also creates a systematic awareness in the organization about various Machine learning tools and capabilities that can potentially benefit the client’s operations.

Offering a Cost-effective Chatbot Solution for Lead Generation
TOSALL’s first New Production Introduction (NPI) for 2020 is a virtual assistant called TOBOT. This chatbot significantly helps in lead generation by enabling natural language conversations with the website visitors. Also, understanding the price-sensitive market in India, the major USP of this chatbot is its cost-effectiveness with no recurring cost. Its implementation starts with the development of bot-flow as per client requirements, life-time hosting charges, and training/optimizing the chatbot concerning every business needs of the clients.
“When TOSALL launches a new product in the market, consumer affordability is strictly in mind. We always strive and innovate to see how can we make technology (especially Artificial Intelligence Technology) so affordable that it can be adopted by the mass, not just by the upmarket customers. All our business models are centered around how we can make our products and services more cost-effective,” signifies Sanjeev Kumar, CEO and Managing Director of the company. “We are able to reduce the production cost of our products much lower than the market by deploying and maximizing the use of AI-enabled automation and robotics,” he adds.

Setting-up Turnkey ODC made Easy and Less Time consuming
As setting up a centre in India has multiple benefits from a lower cost of manpower and infrastructure, good startup ecosystem, to fast-paced government approvals, TOSALL also has a proven capability to set up a turnkey ODC anywhere in India or abroad, within a short notice. This ODC will not only serve as an offshore development centre but will also act as a business continuity site for the clients. The company has also recently set-up an ODC for an EU client at Bengaluru for ADAS software development activity. And, showing TOSALL’s competency, it has set-up a 30 member team with state-of-theart infrastructure and all necessary licenses and government approvals within 40 days of record time frame. Currently, they have ADAS software development operations running in this centre and pride themselves for this turnkey project which is savings their clients $3 Mn a year for their client. Further, build its competency, the company has also obtained ISO 9001 and ISO27001 certification from DAkkS (A German National Accreditation Body)

Empowering OEMs with Quality Manpower
TOSALL has also been supplying manpower to leading OEMs in the Automotive and Aerospace sector, particularly when it concerns safety and critical testing in embedded domain. The company’s workforces are skilled across various automotive skills including C++, MISRA, ISO26262, AUTOSAR, ASPICE CERT, DO-178B, V-Model etc. They are also indulging themselves in campus placements, training new workforce in areas such as V-Model unit testing, System Acceptance Test (SAT), ASPICE Certification Support, system testing, integration testing, HIL testing, requirement engineering and also aggressively targeting Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Aero sector,” affirms Sanjeev.

“At TOSALL, we are doing business on extremely low margins and focusing on client satisfaction rather than immediate profitability. As a result, clients are building trust with us and hence we are able to build long and mutually rewarding partnerships,” concludes Sanjeev.

Our World-Class Ml-Enabled Recommendation Engine Is A Customizable And Platform-Agnostic Algorithm That Can Be Used For Almost All Sorts Of Recommended Applications

Devising A Safer Way To Use Android Phones In The Car
As wireless media sharing has become an integral part of adas solutions today, Tosall has a product called neurocast that allows users to wirelessly use any of the Smartphone’s (android os) features through car’s built-in display; enabling safer way to use Smartphones while driving cars. Moreover, the company has been also planning to integrate tobot chatbot with neurocast to enable audio-based notifications of whatsapp and text messages through car speakers. This product is fully compliant with international guidelines for vehicular safety and can be integrated with v2v, v2i, v2x stacks; thus making road rides 40 percent safer. Furthermore, if integrated with v2x, neurocast will effectively handle many road safety applications including forwarding collision warning, lane change warning/blind spot warning, emergency electric brake, intersection movement assist, ambulance vehicle approaching, road works warning, platooning, to name a few. And to top it off, it is also equipped with computer vision Tosall proprietary ips (such as driver monitoring system) that further drive better decision-making capabilities for clients.