MU-Tech Solutions: Bringing User's Imagination to Reality

CIO Vendor From chatbots and digital agents in CRM to virtual reality (VR) powered shop floor demos, AI has promised something for every industry sector. Mumbai based MU-Tech Unified Solutions has a team of developers that help organizations to implement multiple solutions powered by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company actively innovates for the retail segment, developing products that leverage visual analytics, ML, and AI.

“The products and services that MU-Tech Solutions majorly focuses on are related to visual attributes like computer vision, image processing, and video analysis. Wherever vision is involved, MU-Tech Solutions can help clients to solve that problem using AI and ML”, adds Himanshu Vaidya, Founder, MU-Tech Solutions.

Besides, MU-Tech Solutions also focuses on other domains like AR and VR. The firm tries to couple AI & ML along with AR & VR to build solutions capable of resolving a lot of complicated tasks for humans. Addressing the retail sector, MU-Tech offers products and services which make it easy for retailers to have trail launch for their products & also track the product campaigns, etc. MU-Tech Solutions facilitates services like virtual trails for lifestyle products, and language translation & predictive suggestions, enabling retailers to get an audience. These services help retailers to advertise their products on an online platform. The company puts the use of AI & ML into Video Analytics and image processing too, thereby providing Logo Tracking & Recognition, or Product placements,
etc. The company is trying to build a platform or a framework related to visions processing and video analytics. This has led the company to develop solutions as service with lower turnaround in a cost-effective manner.

Beyond this technical frontier, we strive to extend and expand people’s vision and imagination to the real world

In a recent venture, MU-Tech implemented a solution for a leading FMCG organization to manage their outdoor campaign for small stores, as well as megastores. The client used to put creative posters for their products in various stores. The company had deployed 12-15 workers to monitor images & videos coming from mobile or CCTV to small and mega stores respectively. This FMCG firm sought to identify the images with products and the placement of the same. Upon being approached, MU-Tech deployed an AI solution that helped the client to get the exact report of their products recognizing images and videos. As a result of this, the company was able to reduce its manpower cost effectively. MU-Tech Solutions provides services in both products and solutions using AI &ML and is working towards stepping up the innovation for greater success. AI, ML, and image processing or visual analytics all things inclusive of vision grabs MU-Tech’s attention to leverage and build upon. Therefore, MU-Tech aims to become a go to firm for vision based AI & ML products. “Beyond this technical frontier, we strive to extend and expand people’s vision and imagination to the real world”, concludes the Founder.