Fireblaze: Helping the Nation to Realize the Power of AI and Data Science

CIO Vendor While there are significant opportunities to achieve business impact with artificial intelligence and machine learning, there are a number of challenges too. Many of these issues are related to the sudden and dramatic rise in awareness accompanied by lack of skill sets in ML & AI. Based out of Nagpur, Fireblaze Technologies is a software solutions provider that delivers the most innovative and agile solutions with a high level industry level training and ML and AI related solutions from scratch. Particularly, Fireblaze Technologies focuses on business analytics, sales forecasting and all the related services around Data. Moreover, Fireblaze AI School offers training to the corporate and educate on the proper usage of data for their business productivity and profitability.

An Exceptional Journey of Success
Fireblaze was established and had its foundations laid by Aniruddha Kalbande. Aniruddha started Fireblaze as a non registered website development and android applications provider in his second year of engineering curriculum. By the time Aniruddha entered his last semester in 2016-2017, he took a fondness in data science and started searching for online/offline courses, but couldn’t find any resource portal for the same. Soon, Aniruddha had started applying for various job opportunities and landed a few offers. Mean while, Aniruddha also got an offer to intern for data science organization overseas. However, during this change of phase and delay in receiving any joining confirmations, Aniruddha took his calling seriously and along with one of his friends registered the company Fireblaze to go full throttle entrepreneur. The company went up and running and gathered 20 clients for the web development services.
It was not long before Aniruddha realized the market gap between the engineering graduates and the job availability. This triggered him to set up a training wing of Fireblaze called Fireblaze AI School. The AI training wing took pace with Aniruddha’s enthusiasm and expertise to teach AI, and in a span of 4-5 months, he had trained more than 500 candidates in Nagpur alone. He also gave AI training to faculties (PhD)s and startups. After several such training sessions Aniruddha had started travelling across the country for his training sessions. The company is planning to expand into the online arena. By the end of the current year, Fireblaze seeks to add 30-40 more professionals in their squad to extend their reach.

Fireblaze AI School offers training to the corporate and educate on the proper usage of data for their business productivity and profitability

Having started their operations from Nagpur (Maharashtra, Fireblaze AI School has now delivered more than 10,000 hours of Content and touched life of 1,000+ students. All of this happened within one year since 10th May 2018. This includes 500+ freshers who are currently working in their dream companies and 200+ Job transitions in Data Science. “The goal of the company is to make India pioneer in Data Science by training 1 Lakh students and professionals in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence this year and build a strong presence in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune market”, informs Aniruddha. Fireblaze is also working on a product that could use AI to train in AI. More so, the product should be able to make learning a customized and a personalized experience which would be different from traditional classroom or online training.