Brammaa: Influencing Innovation, Productivity and Efficiency via Machine Learning

CIO Vendor Human workforce was an essential need for every work in every organization until the uses of machines came into play. This was an early step to the industrial advancement made years ago. Artificial Intelligence along with machine learning is the new technology driving every organization’s productivity to boom businesses.

Machine learning is built to learn, unlearn and relearn with its biases on its own for business decision and business development. Chennai headquartered, is working in stealth mode in the field of IoT, Electronics and Electricals with patents in-hand for real estate, IoT, automobile and sports. It aspires and perspires for developing and delivering product by not restricting itself from any ideology of innovation for any vertical in any industry. Brammaa is living the dreams of many companies who are excited and enthused to imply supervised and unsupervised learning to their innovated products by discovering unknown, crazy and creative results. Every product has its own way of converting and conveying untold messages. Brammaa prioritizes every message that really matters, keeping it crisp and crunchy enough. As it is also conveyed to users and end users to read, learn, combine and comprehend, messages have to be sensible to understand in 3 seconds or lesser than that.

Brammaa delivers a magical User Experience with its product to its users. The primary goal of UX is to strongly build human computer interaction
and make such interactions that further leads to higher conversion rate. Brammaa segregates its features and functionalities to micro components and applies its principles to it by hand stitching those micro components which is turn becomes a delightful product to use for Brammaa’s customers and their end users. is working in stealth mode in the field of IoT,Electronics and Electricals with patents in-hand for real estate,IoT, automobile and sports

Motivating Organizations to Learn with Machine Learning
Founded in 2017, by Arunjey R with 10 employees on-board, Brammaa follows extreme work guidelines and process the same from their own in-house research and intellectual industry experts. Arunjey has expertise in crafting user experience and design-led thinking. The team believes that ‘Just by building a product will not bring any success unless delivering what the target audience wants would’. Currently, Brammaa is working on projects for Construction industry. As the client jotted-down points, Brammaa team sensed that the issue was worth solving. So Brammaa took up the challenge and coined a solution which is not only cost-effective and rigid but will transform the real-estate sector. Brammaa is patiently waiting on the patents to get approved and to deliver this product in market in the next couple of years.