Bluetick Consultants: Strategizing Upon the Business Goals to Achieve Maximum Growth

CIO Vendor Majority of tech companies are improving and optimizing their products and services using machine learning to empower their business. To make better use of data and streamline processes, Bluetick Consultants, headquartered in Mumbai, stands out as an impactful ML solution company which solves actual business problems and increases revenue. Bluetick Consultants understands client’s business, processes and data flow across various departments. The company brainstorms and analyzes to figure out if data is sufficient to build a solution which impacts key business metrics or solve a business problem. “We are versed with technologies like python, react etc, platforms like tensor flow, Azure databricks, AutoML, Sagemaker, and theoretical ML concepts like regression, classification, unsupervised ML, neural networks, LSTM etc.”, adds Ankur Gupta, Partner, Bluetick Consultants.

Close Analysis before Building Solutions
The primary objective of various ML solutions is to boost productivity, datadriven decision making and increased revenue. Bluetick Consultants helps in picking up right talent, tools and platforms for business use case. Bluetick Consultants’services provide hiring and training client’s inhouse team on technologies and tools required for building AI solutions. Depending on client’s budget and timelines, the company helps them to pick right software tools and technologies. Once the solution to be deployed is identified by business owners, Bluetick's team of experts provides end to end planning, development and maintenance of AI solution. Since ML and automation are tightly coupled in most solutions, the company also provides automation solution in sync with AI solution.
Bluetick also sees lot of value in building AI solution as an extension to enterprise software.

Besides,Bluetick also deals with security challenges. The company has inhouse capability for cyber security. For starters, Bluetick uses security infrastructure provided by popular cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The company also follows industry best practices to identity and access management; perform infrastructure vulnerability and penetration testing to double check the data security.

Moreover, Bluetick Consultants invest a lot on learning and building capabilities. With such capabilities, the company built an integrated solution for one of the biggest automobile dealership of luxury car brand. The business was losing customers due to lack of late communication of price, missed timely followups, lead tracking, and out of stock inventory etc. Bluetick, through ML based Pricing Engine, process automation for lead tracking and ML based predictive analytics for inventory procurement and prospect follow-up, resolved the dealership’s bottlenecks. This actionable insight helped client to procure cars beforehand with better price to increase profits. The company has also built some exceptional ML solutions for insurance, logistics and retail clients. Further, realizing that fast changing technologies will create a skill gap in the market, Bluetick has plans to bridge the gap with their training programs. As an immediate future goal, the company is building a proprietary ML platform where solutions can be built efficiently. Additionally for long term, Bluetick is innovating a lot on ML linked technologies like NLP and computer vision. For NLP, the company is building a system which understands Indian languages and dialects with 80 percent accuracy. This platform will help companies to build voice to text products, chatbots and conversational AI solution within Indian context. Bluetick Consultants aims to work closely with their clients to provide decisive & dedicated support and understands what matters to them the most and deliver accordingly.