Innefu: Delivering Comprehensive Analysis by Integrating Multiple Data Sets

CIO Vendor One of the implementations of Big Data analysis has been done in the area of understanding consumer behavior patterns. However, companies have had only one-dimensional data set at their disposal, which pertains to inhouse consumer data alone. This has kept businesses from understanding multiple other factors playing key role in shaping patterns of consumer behavior; thus, limiting their scope of decision making to successfully tap into the opportunities and gain immediate and impactful results.

Helping businesses out of this and empowering them with comprehensive understanding of the consumer behavior, Innefu offers its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Big Data Analytics framework to derive meaningful and accurate business insights, helping businesses convert data into intelligence. The company helps various industry sectors including retailers, financial institutions, security agencies and governments etc. augment their internal data source with various external data to perfectly cater to the specific end consumers and users, delivering better and personalized services to them and earning their loyalty.
Innefu in its multi-module AI based framework named Prophecy combines the various data sets and delivers analytics that the businesses are looking for.

Helping in Holistic Decision Making with Accuracy
The company’s AI based framework – Prophecy includes data analysis, video and image analysis combined with open sources’ intelligence. The company takes data from social media platforms and other open sources to identify the trends within specific geography, demography, climatic condition etc. providing comprehensive analysis to businesses merging with their internal data set. To help retail shops better deliver customized personal services to its customers, Prophecy in its video and image analytics module uses data from CCTV camera feed with the accuracy of 98.3 percent to deliver multiple analytics. This system can help a retail branch manager identify a high profile customer immediately.
The system can also notify the potential buyer based on the previous data, helping the manager to tap into this information and convert it into actual sale.

Innefu in its multi-module AI based framework named Prophecy combines the various data sets and delivers analytics that the businesses are looking for

To better enhance the accuracy, Innefu has trained its system with a database of 30 lakh images. It has also optimized its module to an extent of reducing the capex by half of the current market rate. The framework incorporates multiple other modules for security and defence agencies which include detection of trespassing, loitering, fence breach, fence jumping, sudden appearance or disappearance of an object by using video analytics and facial recognition. These modules also include safety alert features for women and children. With the help of this system, three thousand missing children have been identified by Delhi Police in duration of four days. The system also identifies criminals within a crowd simultaneously producing the entire profile of that person; thus, adding to the efficiency of law enforcement agencies in just a click of a button.

Insights on Parameters Impacting Organization’s Efficiency
Innefu, apart from helping businesses with information about multiple consumer behavior patterns, also helps businesses understand parameters that can lead to better team performance, driving growth and efficiency of the organization. Prophecy’s data analytics model merges consumer data, purchase and sales data, and biometrics attendance system of the organization to deliver complete analysis of businesses operations. The company’s future roadmap includes expansion plans capturing the Middle East market. Along with this, the company has four projects in pipeline to be started soon in collaboration with Indian Law Enforcement Agency, where it has already created its impact providing comprehensive solutions.