Finarb: Bringing Sustained Value To Clients On Their AI Journey

CIO Vendor Finarb is a young company of passionate & ambitious individuals, ready to explore and make a difference through the application of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to solve real business problems. The company believes that AI & ML work well by enabling the path toward the right decision at the right moment, and by adding value across the end-to-end journey of an organization’s AI transformation. The company has worked with diverse customers across multiple industries and geographies.

Finarb works with a consult-to-implement approach because the company is highly appreciative of the fact that in an organization, an AI-ML programme does not work in isolation and must be combined with existing systems, to bring value to clients’ business processes. In determining their AI strategy, the company works with clients by finding the right problems to solve and the right areas to transform. This is accompanied by the development, implementation, and deployment of the end to end solution, right through to supporting clients as they start running BAU operations.

Exceptional Features And Differentiating Factors
Finarb offers numerous features and services with the combined leadership and expertise of Abhishek Ray, CEO & Head of Data Science, and Amrita Chatterjee, COO & Head of AI Strategy, that distinguish them from other firms in this space. "We have seen from our experiences so far, that certain features have greatly helped us in differentiating our offerings across engagements, when we partner with our clients on their AI journey.

Principles like Explainable AI & Business User enablement are now built-in within the company’s offerings." says Amrita Chatterjee, COO, Finarb. Abhishek Ray, CEO, Finarb, also added, “Keeping in mind our client’s current needs & future scale, we also ensure that our solutions are loosely coupled so that they may be integrated with client’s systems and deployed on their platform of choice.” The company’s solutions are also packaged with a rich set of business user dashboards to bring both value and ease of use to the client stakeholders.

Overview Of The Offerings And Services
Abhishek & Amrita pointed out, that they have noticed that clients rarely, if ever, need to be convinced of the tangible gain that AI-ML can bring to their processes and operations. Clients’ major expectations are around translating that value for their organization, so that it may be enhanced & scaled in future, as needed. In order to address this, Finarb usually recommends that their clients start with an MVP that lets them assess the usefulness / improvements achieved, and lets the Finarb team prove value quickly and identify any challenges / limitations early on.

“This MVP / POC then lets us define a clear roadmap of the recommended AI interventions with a cost-benefit associated with each milestone.” said Abhishek. Amrita added that, “We also put a big emphasis on data strategy in the AI-ML space. We look at our client’s existing data sources to assess
their usability and flag any bias or skewness, along with identifying any other data sources that may bring additional value, if available.”

Working Across Industries And Geographies
Finarb works across various domains like Financial Services, Pharma & Healthcare and Retail & E-Commerce. Their clients are mainly in the US, UK & Europe, and India. They have also done some work with clients in Singapore, Australia, Japan & Nigeria. Speaking about their current projects, Amrita said, “On the retail side, we work across the value chain on recommenders, churn, demand-supply models, inventory management and so on.

In Pharma, we are working on some very interesting and challenging use cases in medicine adherence and abandonment, medicine identification, radiology, and DTC spending. We are planning to expand the healthcare solutions to not only manufacturers, but also hospitals, clinics, and insurance.” Abhishek mentioned, “While we work with clients across geographies, our team is mainly India based. We are planning to eventually expand our business outside of India, to set up market presence in the US and Europe.”

A Team Of Enthusiastic And Driven Individuals
AI & ML is a deeply knowledge intensive area and with Finarb’s offerings and mode of operations, the company covers skills across data science, business consulting, strategy in digital and emerging technologies, data analysis, solution architecture, full stack development, UI/UX, Cloud or on-premise deployment & CI-CD.

Finarb is a young company of passionate & ambitious individuals, ready to explore and make a difference through the application of artificial intelligence & machine learning to solve real business problems

Amrita & Abhishek both highlighted that, "Our biggest asset is our team of people, who essentially bring all of these skills into play, that translate our clients’ needs into solutions that bring them sustained value. "Finarb is proud of the talent pool that the company has from the industry and some of India’s top institutes, and together, TeamFinarb is committed towards being an AI-ML provider that empowers organizations towards an AI-driven ecosystem.