Omdena: Introducing New Frontiers Of Problem Solving With AI

CIO Vendor Wisdom of the crowd is a popular phenomenon. However, despite that, companies focus on hiring and working with people at the top who are specialists; obviously assuming that they have a better and more correct knowledge, which is partially true, as knowledge was not always easily accessible to all. However, with online education boom, knowledge, especially in the field of AI, is now accessible to all. One does not have to go to a university to learn the same thing as someone at Stanford or MIT can learn. This has made the playing field flat and led to the democratization of AI. Founded in 2019, Omdena is a global platform bridging mission driven organizations with AI engineers, data scientists, and domain experts from diverse backgrounds to solve real-world problems.

Omdena pioneers and celebrates a bottom-up collaborative model that it uses to build AI/ML solutions. The company sternly believes that collaboration is more powerful than competition. “Our model not only enforces ethical, affordable and efficient solution building, but also leads to democratization of AI/ML, education and knowledge sharing, and overall betterment of the society. This creates trust in AI/ML and helps in its adoption”, says Rudradeb Mitra, Founder, Omdena.

The success of such a model is evident from the fact that only in 18 months, over 1700 AI engineers from 86 countries have collaborated and built AI solutions to solve challenges like land conflicts, gang violence, hunger, climate change, sexual assault. They were able to accomplish this while working with world-renowned organizations like UNHCR, World Resource Institute, World Energy Council, World Food Programme, UNDP etc as well as startups and small businesses from around the world.

Omdena’s mettle and its global image for its contribution to the AI
community is conveyed by the fact the firm was highlighted at NASDAQ billboard at Times Square. On 11th April, 2020, just 11 months into inception, Omdena and its Covid19 project were displayed on the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square in New York City. This Omdena project came amidst the uncertainties the haunted the economically vulnerable who feared to be left out in the new government policies. Omdena brought together 65 AI experts across 20 countries and empowered the team to apply AI and policy research for enabling governments to design data-driven policies to deal effectively with pandemics like the Coronavirus.

Omdena believes that truly great organizations and companies should build solutions that positively change the world by uplifting the vulnerable, improving health, and protecting the environment. This means building products that maximize positive impact rather than shareholder profit. To make this vision a reality, Omdena has launched a first-of-its-kind incubator program, where 50 impact startups will get support to build and launch their AI solutions in 2021. Through the program, Omdena will give access to its collaborative AI platform to impact-driven startups through the incubator program.

Omdena pioneers and celebrates a bottom up collaborative model that it uses to build AI/ ML solutions

A pre-launch version of the program has already successfully provided AI capabilities to several impact startups such as prestigious XPRIZE contestant Zzapp Malaria, AI for Good Innovation Factory finalist Child Growth Monitor, Engie Factory, and many more. Partnerships with well-known tool providers like Activeloop (YC-19), Miro (raised $50M in March 2020), Labelbox,, Apify, etc. have been established for the program too. Rudradeb brings in 12 years of experience in the domain, having worked with & established several startups.